Here is some of the feedback we have received from our students and their parents

As a parent who values music and hopes to see my children develop their own personal love for music, High Park Music has been a perfect fit in every way. The feel of the studio is that unique and beautiful blend of professional, but warm. And the style of teaching is much the same: technique based and serious, yet also encouraging and engaging. Its been a joy to watch my son grow and develop in technical skills, and also grow in a love for music. More than once, I've heard my son say that his guitar lesson is his favorite time of the week. Now our younger son has started piano and we are absolutely thrilled with Miss Olivia. She is an amazing teacher, and Josh just loves her. I sit in on the lessons, and have been so impressed with how she makes technical (and potentially dry) stuff exciting and fun. Anyway, I just feel so blessed that we found High Park Music. It's like this little gem in the west end. As you know, Mike is pretty beloved by Jake and all of us. And now we love Miss Olivia too. We're thankful for all of you and so glad that someone mentioned Mike to us way back when we were first starting music lessons.  -Elisha Galotti

    Our daughter wanted to join High Park Music because all of her friends were going. We started on a trial basis and never looked back. She gets at least one new song a week, as well as practice scales. There are piano parties and recitals and opportunities to do duets with her friends. She is happy and motivated to play the piano. Her instructor is kind, encouraging and professional. She gives songs which suit our daughter's skill level and ones that have her striving to improve.”

-Suzanne Frolick

Doing piano is awesome. I love my teacher she is so nice and is always helpful. You should join piano here you will never want to stop. See you there!
-Emilie Frolick, age 9

     Michael is an exceptional teacher! My 12 year old son James has taken classical guitar lessons for the past three years from Michael and has made tremendous progress. Michael's teaching is a wonderful combination of patience, inspiration, motivation and highly developed teaching and guitar playing skills. He manages to break down very complex music into manageable parts for young learners and develop their enjoyment of and interest in different kinds of music. James is always motivated to practice and feels encouraged by Michael's thoughtful and supportive teaching, which focuses both on musicality and technical skills. I would also add that Michael works very hard to organize opportunities for students to perform (including as part of the Guitar Society) and encourages students to attend performances in the city by famous or accomplished guitarists. Michael's own gorgeous playing is such a delight and inspiration to his students. I would highly recommend Michael as a teacher. He has imparted the gift of music to my son.
-Leticia Gracia

We enrolled our daughter for her first piano lessons at High Park Music when she just turned 6 years old. Being her first formal one-on-one lessons of any kind, we didn’t know what to expect. What we found was an instructor who is as good with children as she is with her musical expertise. Lori and her team have created a wonderful sense of community in which to introduce children to music.
-Shilling Chau

 From day 1 we've found High Park Music to be very welcoming and accommodating. Our daughter feels so comfortable and confident thanks to High Park Music.
We originally came to you based on a recommendation, and now we recommend you to friends and neighbours in Bloor West Village.
Love that you also offer more than just piano lessons and our daughter's already talking about learning guitar and taking vocal lessons in the coming years.
-Joanne Rands

     My son has become an enthusiastic classical guitarist. He loves his lessons with Mike and happily practices (his guitar playing is now so good that friends and family are impressed and enjoy listening). Mike is an ideal children's guitar teacher: he has a light-hearted sense of humour and alongside a proper amount of discipline combined with terrific talent. He has become not just an excellent teacher, but an adult mentor and role model to our son. In fact, Mike and Lori are one of the reasons we won't consider moving out of High Park. How would we would find two such brilliant teachers for our children elsewhere!“


     After 4 years of spending time with mom at a Long Term Care Facility with 3 idle pianos (1 on each floor), I knew I wanted to learn to play them. Mom has passed on but maybe, just maybe ll make my retirement happier with music or make others happy. It's been almost a year since I started taking piano lessons and I love it. Instead of do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do it's c-d-e-f-g-a-b-c I especially love the way Lori teaches me. Being older you don't always remember things and she will explain over and over and patiently listens. She will show me how to play a melody (in her hands its always beautiful) and then I try my best to replicate. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't, but it certainly makes it a lot easier to learn. And, as my typing teacher used to say “practice makes better”, so I practice until I'm happy with the result. Maybe I'll take singing lessons next!

-Rosa Costa (on the brink of 60)

   High Park Music has been a wonderful experience for our daughter over the past 3 years. Lori Oussoren is a motivating and supportive teacher to strives to keep the learning and the music relevant to the age of her students. She always finds something to spark enthusiasm and interest in her students. It has been a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend the school“

-Natalie Pfundt

   We couldn't be happier with High Park Music, and with Lori’s teaching. Our daughter is always enthusiastic to practice the pieces she's given, and it is wonderful to see her return home from piano lessons with a spring in her step and a passion for music.
Its great that Lori focuses both on the technical aspects of music (ie. learning to read the notes) but also encourages our daughter do what she thinks is some fun stuff (ie. improvising). And she does both in an positive and motivating way.
We also appreciate that there are performance opportunities and social events for students.
We would highly recommend High Park Music!“

-Janine & Michael Dalton

   My daughter enjoys her lessons with Lori and happily practices. She has really developed confidence over her 4 years of lessons with Lori. We appreciate the time Lori takes for her students, for example, sending us notes when our daughter has made improvements, hosting piano parties for fun, small group performances as well as 2 yearly recitals, and annual letters to describe progress. We are so glad we found High Park Music!

 -Nina

    My three children have experienced professional, inspiring, creative and comprehensive piano and guitar lessons. Over the past 5 years, they have progressed from learning to read music to performing at bi-annual recitals to successfully completing RCM exams. The teachers have managed to achieve a balance between making music fun, yet challenging and the children have excelled in this environment. I would highly recommend High Park Music to any budding musicians!
-Suzanne M

“I have really enjoyed learning to play the piano with Lori. Whenever I make mistakes, she never gets mad or upset. She is always very kind and friendly. She has taught me a lot. I would definitely recommend her to kids of all ages!” – Percy MacKinlay

   I've been a strong supporter of High Park Music long before it was High Park Music. I first took lessons with Lori before my children were born. Prior to my time with Lori all I could remember from my early childhood piano lessons was where middle C was. Lori not only taught me how to become less intimidated by the piano but to read music and to learn to love to play and practice. I went from being completely foreign to the piano to playing Scott Joplin in a little under a year. I never could have done it without Lori. Lori's patience, sense of humour and compassion for error playing piano students is first rate.

The High Park Music School has done fantastic things for both my daughter and me, young and old. I would strongly recommend trying Lori and her teachers if you have any thoughts of learning to play.“

-Sean Purvis

   I happened upon Lori through an ad and never looked back since that day almost 6 years ago. My son was 5 at the time and happily went to his weekly piano lessons under the tutelage of his patient, warm and sensitive teacher. His younger sister started with Lori 2 years later and still loves going to her lessons. Early on, Lori encouraged Evan to participate at the Christmas and June recitals she organizes for all of her students, but he refused. Lori never pushed, but eventually Evan was actually excited to attend his first recital. Under her guidance, his piano skill rapidly advanced and he now loves to perform, from Kiwanis last month to his upcoming Grade 5 exam in June. Lori does a wonderful job at providing many opportunities for her students to play for each other, from informal parties in her home to recitals for students and parents in other venues. Her method of mixing classical piano pieces with some contemporary fun pieces is a real motivator for both of my children. The June progress reports she provides at the end of the year are so thoughtfully written, with much attention given to how each child has progressed with technique, note reading, rhythm, musicality and practice habits. I know that Evan and Maya will keep playing piano with Lori for many years to come.“

-Dianne Thornton

I really enjoy learning more and more, each lesson. My teacher is so awesome. She makes my lessons fun so learning is fun.

- Riley