Our Lessons

We offer private instruction in voice, piano, violin, cello, guitar, ukulele as well as Suzuki piano and Suzuki violin for ages four and up.

Our most important goal is producing students who have excellent and versatile musical skills. This is why our lesson curriculum is well rounded. A typical lesson is thirty minutes long and will usually begin with a technical warm-up, followed by exercises and games in note-reading and rhythmic notation (sight-reading); basic theory, and repertoire practice. Our teachers aim to maintain routine from lesson to lesson. The purpose of having a predictable lesson routine from week to week is to have the student develop a similar habit of home practice so that he / she may eventually be an independent learner.

There may often be a component of listening in the lessons. By exposing students to different styles of music, we help to broaden their musical tastes and can therefore offer them more variety in the repertoire they play. In this way, we work with our students to find music that they enjoy, and that will also challenge them.

We know the importance of getting to know our students, so we take the time to understand their interests, both musical and otherwise. Through a personal connection with each student, we hope to gain their respect and help to instill in them the love of music.

Lesson Rates:

Our lesson rates range from $30/30min to $35/30min.

Lesson Policies:

When you sign up for lessons, you are agreeing to the following policies. Please take a moment to read them. When the studio is running smoothly it means the teachers’ time, energy and attention are focused on teaching your children.

Attendance: When you sign up for lessons, you are committing to a weekly lesson and you are reserving the teacher’s time. Lessons must be canceled by phone 24 hours in advance to receive a make up lesson. Each student may have three make up lessons per year. Students are expected to be at their lessons on time. Teachers will not give extra lesson time due to student lateness.

Practicing: We expect students to be prepared for their lessons and to have made weekly progress on all parts of the written assignment. This requires a commitment to daily practicing. Parents should ensure that children practice at least 5 days each week. Consistent daily practice is the key to long-term success.

Here is a general guideline for daily practice by age:

Age 5-7: 20 minutes
Age 8-9: 30 minutes
Age 10-13: 45 minutes
Age 14 and up: 60 minutes

Payment: Our payment schedule follows the school term; Sept-Dec, Jan-March, April-June. Lesson are paid for in advance.

Registration: Students may enroll for lessons at any point in the term and the fees for the term will be prorated. We do not charge a registration fee; however, a deposit must be received before the first lesson for the teacher’s time to be reserved. This deposit will be applied toward the lesson fees.

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